How does Pat Cantin sounds like?

Pat Cantin AKA Le Cantin


Born in 1978, Le Cantin has always been interested in electronic music and sound.

With a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts he has always been one to look for new and unique sounds which set him apart from the rest of the crowd. He loves to do things differently and it allows him to think outside the box.

His musical journey begins sitting behind a drum, trumpet or saxophone. Once he moved to Montreal, he had to find a way to make noise without disturbing the city as a whole. So he started producing electronic music. He produced 8 albums between 2002 and 2008. Today he lives mainly from his work as a painter but devotes much of his time to mixing in clubs and some outdoor events.
His sound is refreshingly crisp, clean and groovy with He has a marked preference for “deep techno” but likes to mix the minimal funny and happy.

the influence from many artists inluding Mr. Oizo, Mistress Barbara, Vitaminsforyou, Richie Hawtin, Dan Bell, and Tool