After the storm

Starting bid: 1,400.00$

Oil on canvas

91.44 x 101.6 cm (36″ X 40″)

Production year: 2024

Starting bid: $1400

Buy it now: $2800

Delivery everywhere in Quebec $310, In Canada $380, international $460.

Minimum bid increment: 100 $

Taxes applicable depending on your region

*Canadian currency

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In this nocturnal painting, the small boat brightens the dark sea with its vivid lights, a beacon of hope in the darkness. Despite the storm that has passed, it glides valiantly through the waves, surrounded by a soft halo of light that pierces the mist. Its beacons shimmer like stars, illuminating its path toward gentler horizons. The sea, still stirred by the tempest, seems to calm around this resilient glow. The vessel presses forward, indomitable, a shining symbol of courage and renewal, guiding the viewer toward a more serene future and shores bathed in promise.


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Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 1.5 × 40 in

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Auction started 7 May 2024 9 h 13 min

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